As countries across the world prepare to open their borders to international travellers, now more than ever people are being reminded to make safety their number one priority.

Companies in particular, are cautiously determined to resume normal working structures, and that’s where turning to a destination management company (DMC) for corporate travel arrangements offers guaranteed safety, as well as a hassle-free experience.

Working one-on-one with a DMC that has local knowledge and connections provides many advantages. They will ensure your group or event is carefully planned, any specific requirements are adhered to and perhaps most importantly, that your travel remains within budget.

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of hiring a DMC for your future corporate travel requirements below.

1. Safe and no surprises
A DMC will know local government procedures with regards to national emergencies and can arrange the best facilities to deal with every possible scenario. They can create and implement contingency plans if required and eliminate the risk of being taken advantage of in any way.

2. Nothing gets lost in translation
It is rare for any miscommunication to arise between parties when you can rely on the assistance of a DMC, that will ensure every request is fulfilled to expectation. This is especially so if travel is within an unfamiliar region.

3. Travel can be planned end-to-end
This can involve anything from airport transfers to finding appropriate accommodation, sourcing all-inclusive packages, tours and activities, translation services, event planning and any other bespoke requests.

4. Take advantage of exclusive incentives
Travel incentives are on the rise and for the most part, it’s all about knowing who to ask. Well-connected DMC’s can pass on information about discounts and loyalty programs from merchants that may not otherwise be obvious.

5. Event marketing included
DMC’s have extensive knowledge on the business milieu and local way of life, and can provide crucial insight and advice when it comes to marketing campaigns and selling tickets to public events.


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