Dubai has no shortage of amazing things to do, however, if you’re really hoping to take full advantage of the vast amount of fantastic experiences in Dubai, you should have a look at our collection of Three Fantastic Desert Experiences in Dubai.  If hanging out in the desert isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can always decide, instead, to try out some of our amazing Yacht Party Packages.  

Liwa Expedition with Overnight Camping

Liwa, a beautiful desert oasis area in Abu Dhabi, is one of the most popular camping spots in the United Arab Emirates for a very good reason.  This tranquil oasis will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a night under the clearest night’s sky you’ll ever lay eyes on.  With almost zero light pollution, you’ll be able to make out the most distant stars and if you know what to look for, you’ll even be able to see the huge expanse of the Milky Way overhead.  One of the absolute best desert experiences.

Your expedition will begin in Dubai with a 10:00 AM pick up, where you’ll be driven in a specially equipped and comfortable 4×4 designed to make the trip from Dubai to Liwa.  Whilst travelling you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop off for some fantastic photo opportunities as well as scheduled stops at a camel farm and the dunes of the Empty Quarter.

Upon arrival at Liwa you’ll be treated to a fantastic BBQ and set up in your comfortable and spacious tent for the night.  For an additional fee, you can get yourself lunch as well as the inclusive BBQ.

The Liwa Expedition with Overnight Camping desert experience is an excellent way to enjoy Dubai’s amazing natural landscape.

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Quad Biking Desert Experiences

When the going gets tough, the smart get on quad bikes.  ATVs might just be the best way of travelling through the desert and enjoying the natural landscape.  If you’ve never ridden a quad bike before, don’t worry they handle incredibly easy on the sand and will allow you to fly up and down the sand dunes of Dubai.  Enjoy the feeling of the wind rushing past you as you accelerate across the flat desert plains of Dubai on your quad bike.

This is something that’s catered to those amongst us who get a particular thrill from adrenaline or have a certain need for speed that hasn’t yet been satisfied on Dubai’s highways.

Quad Biking is a fantastic opportunity to fill up your Instagram with some amazing holiday snaps of your desert experiences with prices starting from as low as 295 AED.

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There are no guarantees that your Instagram will look this cool.

Trekking and Camping Desert Experiences

Master the inhospitable vastness that is the deserts of Dubai with these amazing trekking tours.  Conquer the deserts and see if you’ve got what it takes to make the journey on your own two feet (or one foot, we don’t discriminate).  If your social media’s been looking a bit dreary lately, this might just be the thing needed to spice it up and remind everybody what an awesome life you’re leading, full of desert experiences.  Once you arrive at your destination you’ll be treated to a nice comfortable camping spot where you can chill out, relax and pat yourself on the back for being a true badass.

Trekking and Camping trips start from around 295 AED.

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